Organic Weed

Marijuana is the most widely used, non-addictive substance in the world. It’s so extensively visible with more strains than we can count, and since it’s main battle has been its class I drug classification and has therefore been illegal for most of its existence. Organic marijuana tastes better and has more flavor.

When you force feed the plants with crappy soils filled with harmful toxins, it’s never good for the overall taste of the finished product. When you let your marijuana grow naturally, it will grow the way that it is naturally inclined to grown the way it’s been growing for thousands of years. And we all should know better than to mess with Mother Nature.

Like any plant, marijuana has complex requirements in order for it to grow optimally. When your focus is mass production, you’re tampering with nature’s complicated methods by adding chemicals.

Nature is a complicated lady and it is impossible to match her awe perfectly. If you mess with the way a plant naturally grows, you can bet your behind that fall short of it’s full potential.

Organic plants are left to their own devices and are therefore optimized for flavor and aroma. Mother Nature makes tastier goodies. Organic weed produces the perfect amount of terpenes, terpenoids and cannabinoids: the aromatic combinations that give cannabis its smell. cannabis owes its sweet or citrus aroma to the dozens of these compounds present within its stems and leaves.

Put simply, the more terpenoids and terpenes there are, the better the marijuana will smell and the more flavor the final product will have. Organic cannabis is best for Mother Nature as a whole. Instead of manipulating the process ourselves, when we let the microorganisms run the show, the plant can grow the way it’s supposed to.

This is better for the soil, as the retentive potential of the soil for nutrients and water are increased and nutrient losses are decreased as well. As a bi-product, it is also better for the water, leaving it clean, natural, and free of any salts, metals, and chemicals.

Honest Marijuana grows their buds in soil groomed to provide the plant with what it needs naturally. By feeding the microbial life that feeds the plant we allow symbiotic relationships in the soil seek out exactly what the plant needs. Similar to the Rev’s True Living Organics. True Living Organics has been developed to grow high-quality medical cannabis, but has since then been adopted and is well suit to grow produce as well. Your fruits, vegetables, herbs and even your favorite flowers.

Colorado is one of the four states that allows recreational use of marijuana and one of only twenty-three that allows marijuana to be used for medical purposes. The greater implications of the great, mountainous state of Colorado and its recreational marijuana. Colorado is home to a population of people who truly appreciate the beauty that is organic and strive to live by the organic lifestyle.